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Yantras are the symbols of sacred geometry of an ancient doctrine that have been used for many years. The aim is to increase your frequency to the desired level. I first look at your birth chart and see if you can use it (date of birth, time of birth and place of birth required). When you get your yantran you will throw me a picture of me, then each subject has a lot of color and shape of yantra Yantra shapes and color according to your chosen subjects according to your map. , mars ...) which timeframes will be easy and beautiful for you which timeframe is compelling about love, money, work, and I tell you about the cause of the problems you have problems with the planets tell you what to do.

The main topics to choose from are:

1. Health

2. Money flow

3. Balancing emotional ups and downs

4. Love

5. Marriage

6.Marriage problems

7.Having children

8. Slimming

9. Removing barriers

10. Protection from negative energy

11. Increasing self-confidence

12. Career progression. 13.Academic success

14. Evil Eye

15. Tranquility

16. To increase leadership characteristics

17.Increasing communication power

18. To achieve spiritual development

19. Obtaining quick and adverse results in an existing civil case

20. Overcoming great sorrow and trauma

21. Reconciliation

22. Enhancing family communication

23.Assessment of fear and fear

24. Solving problems in relationships

25. Business

26. Chance

27. get rid of negative relationships

28.Personal relaxation

29. Promote Your Existing Business

30. Don't bring your loved one to life

31. Empowering love in a relationship

32. Charm

 Each subject is 1 yantra. If you choose 2 topics would be a double yantra.

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