The simple-sati period begins when Saturn enters the sign of the zodiac just before the sign of the Moon at the time of birth. It starts with Saturn's transit to the 12th house.

This period is a difficult period for the person. We have taken a lot of lessons. love, marriage, family relations, loss of money, debts, health etc.

7.5 should be viewed as a course in self-confidence and self-development, although your passage may be a time of intense agitation in various ways. One must somehow put his hand in his core and remove the inner strength, resources and light to find the way to progress. In other words, access to higher self or spirit intelligence must be provided to move forward. One should stay away from false supports and begin to walk towards true growth and evolution.

In the first 2.5 years of Saturn satade's transition to the 12th House tarnsit, namely:

 What can happen?

Delays and obstacles to ongoing tasks


Excessive expenditure - expenditures for special medical reasons

Physical discomfort

Mental anxiety - lack of rest and sleep

Pessimistic thinking - re-screening of old diseased fears, tension


Lack of family support

Financial pressure

Loss or damage of self-interest due to poor communication, lack of communication or hard conversation

Child care

Family heritage disputes - not getting a fair share of family wealth

Delays and Barriers in Higher Education

Problem with getting distances and necessary documents

Transfer to foreign territory, to a different department or to a foreign country where emotional support may be incomplete

Uncomfortable and inefficient travel

A little reasonable output with unnecessary anger and frustration

Physical imprisonment or asylum in extreme cases

The transition to Saturn's 1st House tarnsit, that is to say Sade Sati in the second 2.5 years:

What can happen?

Health related complications - exacerbation of existing physical / mental discomfort or disease

Especially bitter thoughts from the past

Resistance to change, fear of change and negative actions resulting from them

Despair, feelings of pessimism

Tense relations with brothers

Few gains after repeated efforts

Fear about reputation

Sensuality, tension or excessive indifference

Healthy subjects related to nervous system

Negative effects of metabolism

Bone problems

Chronic diseases, chronic pain

Spine problems

Pressure on interpersonal relationships

The desire to escape

Fear of abandonment

Third-party intervention in marriage

Heartache and frustration due to unfulfilled or unfulfilled wishes

Divorce or separation, physical separation of the spouse

Unexpected theft or loss,

Financial pressure, debt build-up

Relative isolation in the workplace, misunderstanding or having to take less responsibility from those with little responsibility

Job loss or slowdown

Criminal procedure by the state mechanism

Tops prints

In the last 2.5 years of Saturn's transition to the 2nd House tarnsit, namely Sade Sati:

What can happen?

There is a lot of focus on funding, and it's probably the area where one of the biggest challenges is happening.

Slow growth in financial issues due to slowing of growth paths or facing a barricade

Debt difficulty

Additional responsibility for the care of problems with relatives or elderly people

Poor communication

Establishing highly formal boundaries by moving away from or interacting with someone's family

Expenditure and repair or renovation of the home / house / property

Automobile or breakdown expenses

The discovery of hidden events affecting any marriage or partnership

Discrepancy discovery in relationships

Defraud on inheritance issues

Injustice from wrong practices

Lack of support from friends or misunderstanding by friends

Isolation and withdrawal from the social environment and extended family

Money stuck in bad loans or deals

What can be done during the simple sales period?

- Acceptance of problems including one's own deficiencies, hard work and trying different solutions

- Accepting change

- Meditate regularly to maintain balance and gain mental strength.

- You can use blue sapphire as natural stone.

-Maddi to help those who need help.

- Elderly, disabled, children, etc. To delights.