YANTRA literally means “support” and “tool”.

It is used to eliminate the negativities in your birth chart used by one of the 5 people in the world and to help you in the issues you have difficulty.

Yantralar is an application that strengthens the energies that improve the negative effects of negative planetary energies on our life in our birth chart. One in five people in the world uses yantra.

It makes our lives easier by improving the energies that we have difficulties in our lives, causing problems such as love, marriage, career, work, evil eye, negative energies, health.

It is essential to check whether the person can be used from the birth chart and if the person's birth chart is appropriate, it should be determined according to the map. Not everyone can use yantra. It is imperative that a trained astrologer determine which yantra to use.

When your personal vedic astrology analysis is examined, it learns which planet is weak, by identifying your sideways, it can control negative or progressive energies and provide an accurate flow of energy.

Do you have problems in your love life, marriage, business life, no chance, family relations problems, do you come to mind very quickly all of this is about the planets that affect you negatively on your birth chart. You can find a cure for these problems with yantras prepared according to your birth chart and you can be healed.

Just as mantras balance the body and mind with sound, the yantras provide visual balance.

Yantra is created by combining various geometric forms and patterns that teach the mind the power of concentration and focus.

Therefore, using yantra has no direct connection to religion, it is a universal, scientific and spiritual work. Because yantra is not a belief system, it is a technique of resting a deep mind where the benefits are experienced as long as it is applied, whether it is believed or not, to heal negative effects on your vedic astrology map.

The Yantras were also used by the Sultans as talismanic shirts during the Ottoman period.

Of course, if the rituals of this religion are fulfilled like a Buddhist, this religion will become a belief in another religion by attributing these works to a religion and devoting it to the Buddha Gods, burning fires and celebrating the special days of the Buddha gods.