Numerology is an old number-based system to understand the world and its place in it. We see that numerology has been used in ancient Egypt and Babylon, and even for thousands of years, from China and Japan to Rome and Greece.

Every person has a number of numerology numbers that can affect everything from personal life path to career choices to romantic relationships. If you know the numerology numbers and how their energies affect your life, you can organize them in your life.

With your personal numerology chart and the guide to the meanings of numerology numbers, you can better understand who you are, what you want and where you go in life. The insight of numerology allows you to take advantage of the wisdom of the ages and live your best life.

What the Numbers Say

Everything in the universe is based on numbers. For example, the number pi can be found in nature, from the sun disk and from the double helix of DNA to the shapes of rivers. However, the numbers do not exist in nature, the numbers also give their own energy.

Once you understand the energy of numbers, you can use this information to explore more aspects of your life, such as:

Personal characteristics

Life barriers / struggles

Romantic relationships (good and bad for you)

Career decisions and the best career for you


Hopes and Fears



And a lot more information

Finding Numerology Numbers

There are two ways to calculate your numerology chart: date of birth or your name. The numbers on your chart can have a big impact on your life depending on the meanings and features added to the numbers.

There are four main ways to Calculate Your Number of Numerology.

There are four main categories of numerology numbers, and each requires a specific calculation based on your date of birth or the letters of your name. These numbers together form your numerology chart.

1. Number of Life Paths

This is the most important part of your personal numerology chart because it will tell you:

your personality

Life achievements and challenges

Major opportunities

How to achieve satisfaction and happiness?

To calculate your life path number: Collect each digit from your birth date and continue adding until you reach a single number, 11 or 22. For example, a person born on 05/20/1990 gets 5 + 2 + 19, 5 + 2 + 10, 5 + 2 + 1 = 8.

2. Your Spirit Number

Your soul number, also called your spiritual number, determines who you are at the spiritual level.

For example, if you have 5 for your soul number, you will be free-spirited, and you will usually be a little restless or want to travel and travel. These traits are part of your spiritual being.

To calculate your soul number: Add the single digit values ​​of each vowel to your full name. Continue adding these numbers until you have a single number, 11 or 22.

Important: Your full name must be the name given to you at birth, so even if you change your name, you will need your birth name to calculate the soul, karmic and expression numbers.

3. Karmic Number

Your karmic number will provide information about hopes, fears and dreams. When you know the meanings and energies associated with this number, you gain a deeper understanding of not only what your hopes and fears are but also the factors that affect them.

For example, if you always hope to be popular and your biggest fear is not being liked, it may be because your karmic number is a numerology number 2 that makes you social, extroverted and charismatic.

To calculate your karmic number: Use the numerology chart for letters and add values ​​for each consonant in your name. Continue adding until you have a single digit of 11 or 22.

4. Number of Fates

Also referred to as the phrase number, this reveals your true potential and abilities - it shows talents that you probably didn't realize you have.

For example, a person with an expression number of 7 may find that one of their hidden talents is problem solving, be it logical problems, problems between friends or family members.

To calculate your destiny number: Based on the numerology table, add the single digit value of each letter in your full name.

Numerology Number Meanings:

It is important to remember that there is not just one number for every person - these are the numbers in the four main categories that make up your numerology chart.

The numbers in your way of life, the numbers of the soul, karmic and destiny, whether they are cardinal or actual numbers, mean that the energies associated with these numbers will affect this aspect of your life. Cardinal numbers are 1 to 9, but there are two main numbers (11 and 22) that have the strongest energies and are highest in numerology.

Number of Numerology: 1

People with features # 1 tend to be leaders because the number carries a strong masculine energy.

In careers, 1's are usually CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs or inventors.

The tricks are highly creative, independent and perfect in any field of their choice. However, thisPeople with numbers can sometimes over-demand or criticize others, struggle with a sense of self-doubt.

Features number 1 includes:

Strong (can be strong but also means flexible)




Choose action and practical solutions






Numerology Number: 2

Number 2 emits a feminine energy, which means that people with this number are usually diplomatic and adapt to the feelings of others, they are also extremely effective and persuasive.

In their professional life, the 2's are perfect as diplomats, negotiators, mediators, teachers, caregivers, consultants or therapists.

The 2's are perfect for their listening and communicating skills and their interest in the deepest topics in life. Their only drawback is that they are hypersensitive, which can sometimes lead to dramatic results.

Feature number 2 includes:










Numerology Number: 3

People number 3 are unique in that both 1 and 2s display their characteristics. The numbers 3 are quite extrovert and approach the world with open arms and curiosity. They also like to live as freely as they can, so they enjoy flexible work schedules or setting their own working hours in their professional lives. The disadvantage is that they have to work hard to be self-disciplined.

Features number 3 includes:


Excellent communication

Fun loving




Number of Numerology: 4

People with the number 4 tend to see things in black and white and absolute, and so they tend to follow the rules.

In terms of career, number 4 shows the best performance in science or law (like the government) and in the army.

The hardness of how the 4s number sees the world is compensated by their incredibly reliable reliability. Their main challenge is to let loose and relaxing.

Feature number 4 includes:






Attentive to detail



Numerology Number: 5

The numbers 5 are free-spirited, that is, also judgmental. It may seem unreliable.

People with feature 5 do their best in careers where they can interact and socialize with people. Their hospitality, sales, real estate or ability to relate to others are highly developed. They may have addictions. They like to travel.

Feature number 5 includes:



Free spirited


It's fun to be around


Filled with passion for travel

Usually restless

Numerology Number: 6

Number 6 is some of the most affectionate and compassionate people you'll ever meet. Helping and nurturing others gives them the greatest joy in life.

This makes it a perfect fit for a profession 6 as a teacher, counselor, therapist, doctor, nurse or a home parent. it harms their own emotional well-being.

Feature number 6 includes:






Numerology Number: 7

Numbers are generally thinkers and introverted. They have high analytical intelligence.

People with feature 7 make careers in science or academy well. They usually tend to solo research. Since the 7's are introverted, they often have trouble making friends. However, when they do, they are determined and loyal.

Feature number 7 includes:

Think deeply





Problem solvers



Numerology Number: 8

If there is anything to say about the 8's, they are guided to succeed. Not only will the number 8 have tremendous potential to succeed, they will also do whatever it takes to achieve success.Material spiritual abundance. Organizational ability.

Number 8 tends to be workaholic. They are fulfilled not only by a lot of money, beautiful clothes and material goods, but also in a good family life balance.

Feature 8 includes:




Eager to take risks




Numerology Number: 9

9 numbers always strive to achieve justice. They may be gathering to combat global warming or seek justice for those who are unfair. They are also deeply spiritual and passionate people in everything they do.

A strong sense of right and wrong can make them difficult to approach from time to time and they are not very romantic, but they are very deeply affectionate and affectionate.

Features number 9 includes:



Combating injustice







Numerology Main Number: 11

People who are number 11 are extremely unique. They draw energy from both numbers 1 and 2. Sometimes this makes it harder for them to find balance.

11's are very understandingbut their deep insight often makes them introverted. Its spiritual depths desire loneliness and silence.

Professionally, numbers 11 must work in absolutely creative fields.

The main number 11s features include:





Sometimes anxious

Fascinating to the people around them

Free thinkers

Often psychic

Numerology Main Number: 22

The number 22 is the strongest in numerology numbers. People with this number have a higher sense of self and are generally on their way to helping humanity as a whole.

Their most admirable feature is that they are grounded and selfless. However, they can also forget to practice self-care, which can lead to insecurity, fear, or conflict in authoritarian ways.

The 22 features include:







Often called "old souls"

Loving and caring for humanity