Magic or magic are applications that suggest that people can influence the natural world (events, objects, people) by supernatural, paranormal or mystical methods. The magic is done using Spiritual beings, through Hüddamlar. The meaning of Hüddam; The goblin or goblin, whose teachers call the goblin, they connect to them by reading certain prayers and get the service they want.

THIS STYLE SPIRITUAL ASSETS ARE NOT USED IN RITUALS. Only the energies of the materials used are used. No help is required from any spiritual being. Rituals are not magic. Therefore, he is not in sin.

Everything in the universe has an energy and vibration. People, every organ, tree, animals… .. Far Eastern people call it "Chi", Indians "Prana", Japanese "Ka", North Turks, Central Asian shamans call it "Ma".

The reason for the relationships that start well and go bad is the change of frequencies. In the same way, we can start getting away from our very close friends over time. Because we are now in different fluorescence ... The events you are experiencing, our diet may have lowered or increased your frequency.

Some people are not very nice or handsome, but everyone is after them. Because their frequency is high. They attract people to themselves. Next to them, we feel very good and happy. We are unhappy and uneasy in the presence of people with low frequency. At the same time, high frequency people always draw beautiful things to their lives because they look good on life ... These are the people we are talking about as lucky. Low-frequency people always think badly and negatively, and then they said that came to my mind.

In order to attract the things you want to your life, you must be on the same frequency as what you want. This is called resonance. We can say the harmony of the two energies. For example, to accelerate a swinging swing, the thrust that we apply must be at the same pace as the swing swinging, which is called resonance. In this example, consider the acceleration of the oscillating swing, the thrust you apply the money as your wish, and you will reach your goal when you catch the resonance.

The water also has a vibration, it has even been proven to have memory. When we say positive sentences during the day, it increases our water frequency due to its conductivity. When we use this feature of water and tell our intentions to water and drink water, we do not have magic, we use the frequency boost feature of the water.

Rose oil: Rose oil is one of the most vibrant ingredients in the world. The frequency value of rose oil was measured at 323 Hz. We can use rose oil to increase our frequency. The rose symbolizes love. The frequency of love is the most effective healing frequency, the rose that represents it has a very high frequency. In an intention we want it to be, we can use it for the evil eye, for abundance abundance energy.

Diary / Frankincense: 147 MHz: Bring a few pieces of Frankincense to your business meeting in your pocket to achieve a successful result.

Lavender: 118 MHz: Having lavender in the living room of the house enhances family communication. Having lavender in the bedroom increases love between spouses. Lavender is often associated with rituals of love, as well as works that will bring calm and peace. To bring love to your path, hang lavender flowers in your home. To get a good night's sleep, fill a pillow with calming dreams, lavender branches. It can also be used in a purifying bath or in a negative energy ritual.

Yellow chamomile: 105 MHz: Chamomile is known as purification and protection grass and can be used in incense for sleep and meditation. Sprinkle around your home to resist psychic or magical attacks. Carry it in your pocket to take the chance.

Mint: 78 MHz: If you have a job, add peppermint oil on the door of your office to attract customers and money. Peppermint is a productive plant that spreads beyond its intended limits.

Mint is often used in healing and purification studies. It can be burned or rubbed to destroy negative energies, or consumed as a potion or tea to heal. You can use it in love studies to increase passion.

Basil: 52 MHz: Basil is known as a culinary herb and contains large, but also some interesting mystical features. In Mediterranean countries, it is sprinkled on the ground to purify a house. It also brings luck to people who have moved to a new home. The gift of a basil plant in a flower pot guarantees good luck.

It can be used as incense in love rituals. It provides loyalty.

To keep your partner faithful, sprinkle with powdered basil on the bed, especially while sleeping around the heart, and it will stick to you.

Sandalwood: 96 MHz: If you have professional goals that you hope to achieve, write your intent on a piece or bar of sandalwood and then burn it. As your sandalwood burns, your target will approach you. Although it is not really a plant, but a tree, it is an element frequently found in rituals.

In the chakra work, sandalwood is

It is associated with the religious or root chakra. Burning as incense can help with issues related to self-identity, security and stability, and trust.

Sandalwood is burned as incense - sometimes mixed with myrtle or frankincense, used in conservation rituals. You can also use pieces of wood for typing - write on a sandalwood stick and then ignite it with a fire to burn.