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Rough Chaeroite Stone Bracelet

Rough Chaeroite Stone Bracelet
Rough Chaeroite Stone Bracelet
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It helps to get rid of fears, and its use with Amethyst gives better results.
Converts negative energy into positive, removes or destroys the body. Cleans the # aura and # chakras. It gives strength to the body against excessive heat, rain and wind. Cleans the body from alcohol. It is a physical, psychological, spiritual and mental cleanser.
 # Cleans the liver from harmful particles and alcohol.
It is useful against hearing disorders.
# Regulates nerves, calms; gives calmness.
Provides relaxation in tense times.
It is curative for diseases of the nervous system.
 # It is beneficial against insomnia and nightmares, provides restful sleep, so putting it under the pillow while lying down gives more positive results.
It helps to fall into a deep beauty sleep before midnight and to have beautiful dreams. Especially if you are lying face down due to the disturbance of your sleep pattern or if you are prevented in your dream, it is more useful to put the chaste stone under the pillow.

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