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AMBER: If it is used as a necklace, it destroys inflammation of the throat and thyroid gland, prevents the formation of goiter, if it is formed, it stops its growth and then eliminates by shrinking. Prevents and cures allergies.

Amber is not a precious stone, it is a resin formed by hardened wood sap. It usually appears in shades of yellow and orange, but it can also appear in a few strange colors, such as green or red. These colors show the relationship of amber with fire and the energy of the sun. It is good for stress and comes to power. If you need some magical support when it comes to communication and your career, put a piece of amber around your neck or put it on your desk to avoid office rumors.

If you close the amber piece to your ear and stick it with tape, it is good for suicide.

My stones are not natural squeezing or powder. According to your birth information and life expectations according to your name to do the energy work and adapt, I'm sending by loading the feeling.

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