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Agate Bracelet blue Color

Agate Bracelet blue Color
Agate Bracelet blue Color
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It is one of the stones of general health.

It discharges the excess or negative energy in the body and thus eliminates the stress and calms.

It socializes the person and helps them to adapt to the environment and people. It creates a peaceful structure.

# Helps to overcome fears and increase courage.

It improves the power of mind and logic. It strengthens the creativity ability. Therefore, it is important for artists and students.

# It helps to gain attention and act prudently.

It strengthens the body.

# Relaxes the circulation of lymphs.

# Balances the tension, especially low blood pressure is normal.

# Provides protection against irritation. Because it is remarkable for the first look.

Red agate is primarily associated with #heart and #blood circulatory system. It protects the heart and ensures the regular functioning of the blood circulation system. It strengthens the veins.

They instill emotion and love, make them perceive the love felt for themselves.

Provides energy regeneration. It increases physical energy in a balanced way.

# It stops bleeding by providing coagulation.

It is used against bad dreams.

It helps to realize the facts.

It gives a feeling of warmth to the tensioned parts of the body and reduces tension.

# Can be used to relieve pain.

# It is effective against skin diseases.

With this stone in their pockets, # keeps children away from negative emotions and quarrels.

Reddish orange agates increase physical vitality and eliminate laziness. The main concentration strengthens the habitable request.

It gives a sense of optimism.

# Rescues from poverty. It is the symbol of # Uğur and #bereket, it is also used for this purpose. It is believed that especially businessmen carrying agate in their trouser pockets will increase their financial abundance. It will be beneficial for businessmen to carry this stone, especially under the waist (can be in a pocket or as a ring).

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