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Crystal Quartz Stone Bracelet (8 Mm)

Crystal Quartz Stone Bracelet (8 Mm)
Crystal Quartz Stone Bracelet (8 Mm)
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It is a metaphysical symbol of strength and latent power. It transmits the energy of nature through it. It gives the ability to understand privacy. It was believed that it represented the infinite power of the universe and that the bearer could grasp this power. allegedly disappeared because they used it.
It is healing for the eye. The eagle gives sight and power (energy). # Helps to heal eye diseases. Keeps the digestive system healthy, helps to heal diseases. Keeps the blood circulation system healthy, heals if sick. Keeps internal organs healthy, heals if sick. # Keeps the thyroid gland healthy, heals if it gets sick. It is healing for goiter.It relieves headache.It cleanses the body from negative energy, removes negativity in the body, provides a clear understanding of life and events.It strengthens the sixth feeling (the ability to express), the sense of love and compassion. Balances emotions, thoughts and internal forces, thus harmonizes the forces with each other. # It strengthens the immune system. It protects from the negative energy emitted by electronic devices. It is considered to collect #radiation emitted by mobile phones, walkie-talkies and computers. It activates thought forms. Creates a quick # wit, helps us solve our problems. # Stimulates brain functions, destroys the negative energy created around the person and gathers #positive energy. It protects the person from the negative energies of other people, if carried under clothing by touching the skin.

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