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Acumarine and najaf stone macrame bracelet

Acumarine and najaf stone macrame bracelet
Acumarine and najaf stone macrame bracelet
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Aquamarine: Provides mental and physical relaxation. It calms the nerves and gives calmness. Keeps away from toxic substances such as #Alcohol, #cigarettes and drugs, it weakens the addiction to them, increases awareness. It provides clarification of mind and thoughts. It is effective in the treatment of psychological disorders. # Reactivates those who enter the idle mode. It gives high energy, youth, vitality. #It acts as a shield against negative energies. It helps to defeat shyness, boredom and negative emotions. #Builds self-confidence, #courage and balance.Gives courage to express feelings. Good for # KIDNEY and #MESANE health. # Effective in the treatment of nephritis (kidney inflammation) and bladder disease. It increases the urine retention function of the bladder. # LIVER is beneficial for health. #DALAK is beneficial for health. # TROID CLOTH is beneficial for health.

Najaf Stone: It is one of the cornerstones for general health physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. It cleans them and makes them balanced with each other. It is considered a panacea.

#Metalphysically, it is the symbol of strength and hidden power. It transmits the energy of nature through it. It gives the ability to understand privacy. # It is believed that it represents the infinite power of the universe and that the carrier can grasp this power.

# It is healing for the eyes. The eagle gives sight and power (energy). It helps to heal eye diseases.

# Keeps the digestive system healthy, helps to heal diseases.

# Keeps the blood circulation system healthy, heals if it gets sick.

# Keeps the thyroid gland healthy, heals if it gets sick. It is a cure for goiter.

It relieves headache.

# It strengthens the immune system.

# Protects from negative energy emitted from electronic devices. It is considered to collect #radiation emitted from cell phones, radios and computers.

It activates thought forms. It creates a quick # wit, helps us solve our problems.

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